Reception of Sufism in Arabic Literature


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  • Mizazur Rahman Talukdar Assistant professor of Arabic at Gauhati University, India


Reception of Sufism, Sufism, Arabic Literature


The title which I have chosen for this paper “Reception of Sufism in Arabic Literature” demands for a few words of explanation at the very outset. Sufism or Taṣawwuf is the inner mystical dimension of Islam. Mysticism implies to something mysterious that cannot be understood by ordinary means. Interestingly, both the words of “mystic” and “mystery” have been derived from the common Greek root of “myein” which means “to close the eyes”. In a simple term mysticism could be defined as “Consciousness of the One Reality”. The word Sufi is derived from the root word “safa” which in Arabic means "purity". Another origin is “suf” refers to woollen garments which were the distinguishing marks of the first generation of Muslim Sufis.


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Published On: 2022-02-13

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