The Features of Simile in the Novel of (Bandar Shaa/Daw-al-beit) Written by Tayeb Salih

الصورة التشبيهية في رواية (بندر شاه / ضو البيت) للطيب صالح


  • Dr. Elmoukashfi Ibrahim Abdalla Mohammed Assistant professor, Faculty of Education, Department of Arabic, Khartoum University, Sudan


Features of Simile-Bandar Shaa/Daw-al-beit, EltayebSalih


The study aimed to highlight the features of simile in the novel Bandar Shaa (Daw-al-beit) written by Tayeb Salih. The purpose of the study is to report to what extent the novel is in harmony with what it describes and the effect of that on the portrait of characters and the description of their environments, reveal the pictorial capacity of Tayeb Salih to convey the meanings he wishes, and to investigate the sources of his artistic portrait. The researcher employed a descriptive method, and after the study research, the study revealed several findings. The most important of them is the capacity of the writer to elicit the features of simile from the environment to convey meanings better than thousands of words can do. The features of simile have combined the beauty of simile and the strength of meaning. Results indicated the ability of the writer to elicit his similes and make them relevant to the meanings and explain them in ingenious details that reveal their attractions. The features of simile have revealed many meanings that signify the fears of the writer, such as the disorder of lifestyle and the acceleration of its course (Wad Hamid) and its precipice to the change, which may blow constant values and roots; this is the matter that the writer apprehends to occur at one time. The features of simile have played a significant role in transforming the character of “Daw-al-beit” into a legend and icon, through which the writer expresses the meanings he wishes. Most of the features of simile were sensual, principally in the aspect of the likened character.


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