The Arabic Novel in Jordan: Origin and Development

الرواية العربية في الأردن (نشأتها وتطورها)


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  • Dr. Bilal Ahmad Shah Assistant Professor (Arabic), Cluster University Srinagar, J&K, India


Jordan, novel, literature, Arabic novel, development, literary art, history, Arab world


Literature is the art of language. Through the mighty instrument of language, human being can change their environment. They can communicate realistic information and pass this information on to succeeding generations who can obtain the benefits of this knowledge and experience of the past. They can convey thoughts and emotional experiences through the written word and do so aesthetically satisfyingly to them and in an artistic form. To make it meaningful to their readers, they not only record but contemplate and interpret the experience. Jordan has been the centre of learning and abode of knowledge seekers since ancient times. The land of Jordan is very rich in imparting knowledge and education. It produces great scholars, novelists, short story writers, critics, jurists and thinkers and prominent writers; it has been an intellectual centre of the Arab World for a long time. The Jordanian Novelist's themes always have quite an impact on readers and bring them recognition.

This research paper handles the vision and, along with of Jordanian novel, to explore the development of the novel, its new and various features, and to clarify the identity of the place within its models. The paper also discusses the reality between the silence of Tough and the openness of creativity and what affects it from the constraints of excess and silence. Furthermore, the paper examines its status alongside the Arabic novel and its manifestations of experimentation. To achieve its goals, the research draws upon the historical approach, benefiting from the descriptive perspective. The research concluded that the Jordanian novel was able, throughout its history, to acquire its identity and particularity to shape its new and various characterizations and embody the Jordanian reality in its different manifestations and varied issues. In addition to that, the Jordanian novel contributed to the consolidation of writing the Jordanian Novelist as unique literary art, creating a distinct Jordanian novelist writing incarnates national privacy in form and substance.


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Published On: 2022-04-02

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