Identification of Dowry (Mahr) in Islam


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  • Mohammad Walid Ishaq Zai Senior Teaching Assistant, Department of Islamic Culture, Faculty of Sharia, Sheikh Zayed University, Afghanistan
  • Sayed Ajmal Sadat Senior Teaching Assistant, Department of Islamic Education, Faculty of Sharia, Sheikh Zayed University, Afghanistan


Identification of Dowry, Commandment of Dowry in Sharia, Types of Dowries, Amount of Dowry


This research aims to define dowry literally and idiomatically in Islam, the proof of dowry in the light of the Holy Quran and Hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him), as well as shed light with proofs on types of dowries, suitable dowry, deferred dowry, and prompt dowry. In the same order, the research discussed the opinions of the Islamic jurists and the reasons for the fall of the dowry, as well as the definition of solitude. This means that solitude is no emotional or physical obstacle for the wife or husband. Also, some of the articles related to dowry mentioned in the civil law of Afghanistan have been cited in this research. Alongside the types of women's periods, such as the period of a pregnant woman, the period of a non-pregnant woman, and a woman who does not have a menstrual illness, other related issues have been mentioned in detail.


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Published On: 2023-08-11

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