Waiver Policy

Authors who are not affiliated with a research institution or university are able to apply for a partial fee waiver. We do not offer a full waiver.

Individual authors or author groups linked with a university or institute in low-income or lower-middle-income nations, as defined by the World Bank, may be eligible for a partial fee waiver on a case-by-case basis. Please take a look at the list here. The publication cost will almost certainly not be waived if the author group contains academics from high-income economies' universities or institutions.

Before submitting your manuscript, please send your fee waiver request to support@sprinpub.com. Waivers will not be allowed for manuscripts that are already under peer review or have been typeset. In a letter of request, the corresponding author must provide the following information, as well as any supporting documents:

  • Title of the manuscript
  • Article classification
  • All writers' names and titles
  • All authors' affiliations with their respective institutions
  • Requested waiver type: partial (note the amount you may pay in dollars)
  • The reason for the waiver request is as follows:
  • Please describe how the research was financed.

Author payment information is not accessible to editors or reviewers. Their editorial choice will not be influenced by their inability to pay.

NB! Please be aware that the publisher's decision on a fee waiver is independent of the journal editor's evaluation of the article for publication and has no impact on it.

You cannot withdraw an article from a journal once the editor has decided that it will be published.