China's claims in the South China Sea


  • Prof. Dr: Hamed Shihab Ahmed College of Political Science- University of Baghdad formerly- Imam Al-Kadhum College Currently
  • Kamal Samen Ibrahim Master’s student in the Department of Political Science at Imam Al-Kadhim College of Islamic Sciences


South China Sea, Chinese strategy, China


          The study aims to analyze the Chinese claim in the South China Sea, which it considers an important strategic area for it, and an important political, economic and strategic importance if it imposes its control over it.

          The study sought to solve the problem of the South China Sea in the Chinese strategy through the hypothesis (what are the demands of China in the South China Sea).

          The study concluded that the South China Sea is of great importance to Chinese interests, and for this reason, the Chinese strategy in the South China Sea is characterized by the continuity of claims in this sea.


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Published On: 2022-07-26

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