Global citizenship and role of polyglot in its strengthening


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global citizenship, UNO, polyglot, multilingualism, Arabic, India


Global citizenship is an idea, a campaign, a movement, and a sense of belonging to a wider society that transcends geographical, political, and national boundaries. It aims to serve all humans on the basis of humanity irrespective of the nationality, caste, creed, religion and sex. It requires acting unitedly to eliminate social, political, economic, and environmental problems from the whole world but this idea of global citizenship cannot be realised without education. United Nations believe that the education for all is mandatory to realise this idea, because an educated person can only understand the importance of global citizenship, play effective roles, and build a more peaceful, tolerant, and inclusive society. The United Nations Global Education Initiative also focuses on three priorities: first, putting every child in school, second, improving the quality of education, and third, promoting global citizenship.

It is notable that a global citizen must be a polyglot, because being multilingual helps connecting well with the world. This article explains the idea of global citizenship, its importance and openness of India to accept the Idea of global citizenship. It also elucidates the importance of multilingualism in strengthening the idea of global citizenship from personal and scientific perspectives.


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Published On: 2023-10-05

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